Sewing Guinea Pig Cage Liners - Free Pattern

fleece and flannel cage liner

now that you have created a customized pattern for the Guinea Pig cage that you won, it's time to start sewing

Lets Put This Liner Together!
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  • On a flat surface, lay out the layer(s) of padding smoothly. Matching the edges of the pagdding, lay one layer of the fleece right side up and then the final layer of the fleece, right side down.

    Pin the layers together, keeping the edges aligned. When you sew these layers together you will be leaving an area open that is lage enough to turn the fabric right sides out. This area will depend upom how large your fabric is but inmost case 4-6" will be a lage enough opening. To make sure you don't accidently sew the opeing locsed, mark your starting and stopping location by placing two straight pins together rather then a single stright pin as you have done the rest of the pinning.

Copyright © 2017 Debbie Colgrove
  • Starting at on of your double pins, sew a seam around the edge of the layers, using a 1/2" seam allowance. If desired, sew a zigzag stitch around the edge of the fabric, excluding the area you will be leavingopen, to secure the fabric. Since the edges of the fabric will be enclosed, adding a seam finish is only needed if the fabric is a very loose weave that is apt to unravel as you turn it right sides out.
Cutting Out the Fleece Fabric
  • Turn the fabric right sides out being careful to not rip the padding in the process.
  • Fold in the open edges 1/2" as it would be if that area had a seam.
  • Push all of the seams to the edges and press them as flat as possible.
  • Hand sew the opening closed, catching as many layers of the fabric as possible.
  • Press the edges flat and seams to the edges again if needed.
  • Top stitch 1/4" from the edges all the way around the cage liner.

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